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Join us at our November Branch Forum - Last for the Year

Wednesday, 11 Nov 2015

Monday 30 November

Dr Jan Newmarch will provide a light-hearted overview of developments in programming languages over the last 50 years from Algol 60, which he used to write Monopoly games and simultaneous equation solvers, through developments in AI, user interfaces and distributed systems and on to GPU programming as used in applications such as making Karaoke systems more effective. After some light hearted fun we will tackle the issue of where we might go from here.

Almost from the beginning of computing, people have been developing programming languages to allow progressively higher levels of abstraction or to target particular hardware or software domains. This has led to a bewildering variety of languages, often feeding off each other. One count listed over 8,000 languages, almost triple the number of human languages! 

This presentation traces a path through these developments, highlighting key concepts, people and languages. It concludes with some speculation about possible future directions. 

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