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Young IT - What Managers Want - Tuesday 10 November

Wednesday, 28 Oct 2015

The information technology is the easy part, but the people….. Now they’re the real challenge!

Your career was going fine, you’ve been well trained and have an excellent grasp of the technology.

The work you are doing is challenging enough but your career now seems to have hit a go slow zone. 

There’s a good team vibe and your manager seems decent enough, but you don’t really seem to be on the same wavelength and you sense that this is holding you back.

Sometimes you just want to be left alone at your workstation to do what you’re best at – what does your manager really want?

This session takes a relaxed and relatively light-hearted look at the often hardest part of navigating through a technology-based career…. trying to better understand the tricky, human aspects of working life that we can’t escape from. Our guest speaker has been in the industry for ‘longer than he can remember’ and will share some of his experience and tips on getting on with your manager and others who influence your career.

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