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Extension for expressions of interest for Advanced Technology Cluster (ATC) - 21st October

Tuesday, 20 Oct 2015

 Dear colleagues,

The deadline for expressions of interest for the Advanced Technology Cluster has been extended to 5pm AWST on Wednesday the 21st of October, as there have been a number of requests for extension due to the previous deadline aligning with the national merit allocation call for supercomputing time. If you are looking to apply, more details are available here.

ATC is an NCRIS-funded refresh of the Fornax supercomputer. Consisting of 96 nodes, Fornax was a modestly sized system compared to the previous production system, Epic. However, it was used to investigate a number of emerging High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies. On a similar scale, the scope of the ATC is to provide researchers with access to the cutting edge technologies to ensure they are able to take full advantage of current and future leadership systems, such as the replacement for Pawsey’s current petascale supercomputer, Magnus.

Expressions of interest submitted in response to the present call will be assessed according to the criteria detailed below. Those that receive a high ranking will be used to inform the technology selection process for the ATC. Once the system has been procured, there will be a further call for early adopters to run for a period of six months in the latter part of 2016. The submission of an expression of interest, and the ranking it receives, will be taken into consideration in the assessment of subsequent applications for an allocation of time in the early adopter period.  

Expressions of interest will need to demonstrate both a strong research and technical case, and will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • ability to adopt emerging technologies
  • project team capability and available effort
  • research significance
  • research field representation in project team
  • project team research track record
  • project team technical track record of HPC usage
  • demonstrated capabilities of codes on current technology
  • demonstrated need for significant usage of HPC resources at scale
  • This opportunity is available to researchers employed at Australian universities and research institutions, including the Pawsey partner institutions.

    To register your interest, please prepare a submission of up to 6 pages in length using the template, available here.

    Complete applications should be submitted to in Word 2010 or PDF format. The deadline for expressions of interest is 5pm AWST on the 21st of October, and we expect to announce the successful projects shortly thereafter.

    Pawsey staff have prepared an HPC Technology Update document, available here.

    This outlines a number of emerging supercomputing technologies, which may be a useful reference in preparing a submission.

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Pawsey Helpdesk mailto: