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Upcoming Entrepreneurship and Innovation SIG

Thursday, 15 Oct 2015

Planning a technology startup

During this session, we will be joined by a number of panelists including a startup founder, who will each talk about what preparation is advisable before creating a startup. Our panelists will also cover the key aspects to be mindful of during the startups growth phase.  

The session format will involve each guest speaker having just 12 minutes to share their story. At the conclusion of the talks, there will be a panel Q & A. This will be an interactive session.    

Event details

Date:Thursday 22 October
Venue:Telstra Conference Centre
242 Exhibition Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

For further information and to register, please click here.
Daniel Mumby

Daniel is the CEO / Founder of StartUp Foundation and is known to friends and peers as 'That Startup Guy'. Daniel is a public speaker (amongst other things) and routinely speaks on startup matters. His blog posts on startups are widely read and liked.

Daniel is involved in Angel investing in startups and has spent 20 years in corporate life (within the building, logistics & software industries), which includes building a large successful venture as an 'intrapreneur', before he caught the startup 'bug'.

Greg Furlong, Chief Executive Officer, ChannelPace Pty Ltd

Greg is the CEO of ChannelPace. Greg left IBM in August 2012 to start ChannelPace and is responsible for the concept, sales and marketing of ChannelPace. Greg has worked at IBM, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer and others in a career spanning nearly 30 years.  He has held sales, sales management and executive positions. He is passionate about people having access to accurate and up to date information so that they can be more efficient and effective in their roles. After 26 years in sales and management roles, Greg had the initial idea to develop a solution to everyday business problems that he, and many of his co-workers and staff faced everyday. His concept was to turn traditional CRM on it's head by developing a system that recognised that people have contacts, not companies.

Christophe Amoussou

Christophe is the co-founder and current CEO of two start-up enterprises – TGA Graduate and WHIP. He is a former Managing Director with Accenture. During the stint with Accenture, he nurtured what become his sole leitmotif: “It’s all about the customer!”. Now, Christophe focuses his passion for Digital and his vast consulting experience, in envisioning disruptive ideas and bringing innovative concepts to fruition.  As a co-founder to two technology startups, he is living the journey.