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EdXN Branch Forum and 2015 Pearcey Entrepreneur Award presentation

Thursday, 08 Oct 2015

On Wednesday October 7th the ACS Victoria held the Education Across the Nation (EdXN) Branch Forum presented by Peter Croll. He discussed how privacy has changed with the digital age and what exact details we are handing over when we sign up for websites online.

This was followed by the Pearcey Foundation 2015 Entrepreneur award given to an outstanding individual who has taken a risk and made a difference in the Victorian ICT industry. The 2015 winner was Alison Hardacre, who has taken on a major challenge in healthcare of improving accessibility of services and patient records on a global scale through her company HealthKit. ACS Victoria congratulates Alison on her achievement.

                                  Pearcey award

                                     Sarah Dods and Rick Harvey 
                             presenting the award to Alison Hardacre