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Tech Co-Founder Pitch Night

Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015

The startup community in Western Australia is thriving and vibrant. Across all sectors and industries, innovation and ideas are cropping up.

The gulf that once stopped the small guy from making global impact is gone. Now determination, grit and luck along with a desire to hustle are the currency used for success.  Do you have it in you to make your dreams a reality?

A tech co-founder, is a member of a startup responsible for the software, the hardware or the coding.  It might be someone has an awesome idea but they do not have the capability to build it.  You as an ICT Professional may have that hard skill to complement the startup founder.

A tech co-founder gets in on the ground floor, and takes part ownership of the startup.  It becomes your baby too.  You have the opportunity to take the idea and work in a small team to see it become reality.

The ACS, with Startup News, Perth Morning Startup and BloomLab, have created an event.  This event has a specific purpose to find some tech co-founders for Perth's emerging startup’s.   Attending this event will place you in a prime position to hear from founders about their ideas.  If you hear about a startup that resonates, you can talk to them, and work out how you can be a part of the startup. 

There are no guarantees.  Startup's can be risky, are hard work, and often go nowhere.  But be a part of a successful startup, who can tell what impact you will have in the world!  Will you be the next Uber or AirBNB?

Attending this event will put you in the right place to get started on your startup dream.

Pre-purchase your tickets before they sell out, there will be no ticket sales at the door.  Beverages and light refreshments, as well as a fantastic networking opportunity included.

Who should attend:
People who want to join a startup, or are interested in the Perth startup scene.


St Catherine’s College, UWA
2 Park Road

Friday 16th October 2015, 6.00pm – 10.00pm

ACS Members: $20
Non Members: $20

To register please click here