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ACS shows support to Lean Startup Melbourne

Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015

With over 4,500+ members, Lean Startup Melbourne is the biggest tech meetup group in Victoria. The meetup was created by Startup Victoria, to provide members the opportunity to meet compatible entrepreneurs and to share and discuss many of the obstacles that most tech startups go through in their life cycles.

On Tuesday evening, ACS Victoria supported the first of three sponsored Lean Startup Melbourne events. Tuesday’s event showcased five successful entrepreneurs in ‘an evening of Lightning Talks’.

The event was well attended with over 200 people. Speakers included Daniel May, Co-founder of Lifx; Adam Stone, Founder of Speedlancer; Thomas Banks, Founder of Centre for Access, Kirsteene Phelan, Events & Community Manager at Inspire9; Layla Foord, General Manager of Envato Studio and Geoff Dumsday, Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO. The speakers gave their insights and shared their experiences of starting up their businesses. They highlighted the challenges and positive aspects of a startup.