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Branch Forum - Secrets of Influence: Getting ideas to stick - Monday 26 October

Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015

In this age of disruption and global-scale challenges, innovation is needed more desperately now than it’s ever been needed before.

The good news is that ICT professionals excel at innovation. But having a great idea or finding a better way of doing things isn’t enough. In order for the idea to go anywhere, you need to convince other people—decision-makers, customers, the people in your organisation who will be affected by it. You need to get it to stick.

Learning to communicate ideas effectively is a critical skill for nearly everyone, but for ICT professionals it’s made even more challenging because the nature of your work is often abstract, complex, and difficult to describe to anyone who doesn’t have the same specialised knowledge you do.
Instead of gaining support and recognition for your contributions, ICT professionals may be perceived as arrogant, boring, or unable to speak the language of the business.
In this presentation we’ll explore some secrets to communicating your ideas in a way that resonates and ignites action, no matter who you’re talking to. We’ll look at:
  • Why a good business case isn’t enough to get people to like your idea
  • How your expertise works against you and what to do about it
  • The two biggest traps to avoid in presenting an idea
  • The simple tool that helps you build rapport, makes abstract ideas concrete, and inspires action. 

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