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Business Systems Architecture and Design - The Journey to the Modern Data Centre - Thursday 22 October

Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015

This presentation looks into the history and makeup of the modern data centre with a view to enabling architects and designers to leverage the new and emerging capabilities.

The makeup of the data centre has been rapidly evolving ever since computers were first invented.

  • The data centre is now the operational foundation of most enterprises, be they small or large. ?
  • The advent of distributed computing, mobility, wireless networks and proliferation of end user devices is adding new demands and increased diversity in platforms. ?
  • The growing adoption of cloud based services is changing the architecture patterns we need to understand and apply. ?
  • A well-equipped and well run data centre is required more than ever, albeit not necessarily on premise. It must be stable and reliable and aims to be invisible to the capabilities it supports. ?
  • This invisibility means those outside the data centre operations may not see the rapid changes and opportunities within the data centre.
  • Despite the data centre being a technical specialist domain it would help if other IT professionals understand more about the modern devices in the data centre. This is so:
    • SLR’s can be specified in a comprehensive and non-restrictive manner for the data centre to make well informed choices
    • We may be able to offer more innovative solutions by leveraging data centre capabilities
    • When cloud solutions are used we know what can be done and have an idea how much it should cost
    • We can inform the business of the cost/benefit of using different technologies to meet SLR’s

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