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Telecommunications - Identity is the New Perimeter: The Challenges and Opportunities faced by Telecommunications – Friday 2 October

Tuesday, 22 Sep 2015

Identity and access has seen a dramatic shift in the Telecommunications industry from being a largely IT function to a business critical platform. See how the shift to a closer relationship with users and the Identity of Things (IoT) has impacted the Telecommunication Industry. Learn how identity and access has helped the Telcos improve customer experience and also helped improve the uptake of cloud based services. Understand some of the challenges faced by early adopters and the lessons learned.

This session is aimed at those who are developing strategies, architectures and applications with a need to balance user experience with a secure experience.

Darren Fowler is an Identity & Security Solution Architect for Oracle Australia / New Zealand. Darren has been involved in identity and access management for over 15 years starting in the early days of directories for large scale internet applications. Over the years he has seen a lot of change ranging from federated identity, automated user provisioning through to cloud based identity services. Today, Darren is actively involved in helping organisations with the opportunities and risks associated with the massive uptake of mobile computing devices.

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