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Professional Development Workshops

Tuesday, 22 Sep 2015

NSW Branch is pleased to launch a new offering of Professional Development workshops. 

The first workshop to be presented in October will be: 

Leading Change on Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Change leadership is the visible sponsorship of change, engaging people emotionally with the reasons for change and keeping them inspired and motivated along the journey. This workshop is aimed at those responsible for leading change. It explores the characteristics of change leadership and how it differs from change management and the impact of the relationship between perception and expectation in successfully navigating the change journey. The workshop will unearth the frequent barriers to change that change leaders must overcome and offers tools and frameworks to assist in successfully maintaining the emotional commitment that underpins successful leadership of major change initiatives. 

Click here for further information and to register.                                                                   

Further workshops are scheduled for November and December:

A full list and details of courses that will be offered during the upcoming year can be found HERE.