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Success for UNIHACK 2015!

Thursday, 17 Sep 2015


Last month, ACS Victoria was a key sponsor of UNIHACK 2015, bringing the most talented programmers, designers, thinkers and creators in one location to build something awesome.

The slogan of the event was ‘Eat. Sleep. Code.’ which certainly provided insight into what the event was all about.

The Hackathon kicked off at 2pm on Saturday and the teams worked tirelessly on their challenge to create a ‘product’ from scratch within 24hours.

The breadth and depth of the resulting prototypes, either new and unique apps in their own right, or enhancements filling niche requirements leveraging existing everyday application, were brilliant.

The event successfully demonstrated the talent we are developing locally and underscores the richness of opportunity and creativity that is ICT in the 21st century.

The experience that UNIHACK provides for the teams of university students is a real life exercise of finding and devising a solution for a need. Be it business social or other, in a very tight timeframe utilising whatever platform makes the most sense, and potentially applying methodologies utilised in business today on the quest for competitive advantage.

Come 2pm Sunday, the competition closed and the judging began; but was the pressure off? No. To ensure fairness, the competing teams had a short time to explain and present their solution while watching the allotted time tick away on the conspicuously positioned iPhone timer! Another real world skill learned on the way to the $3000 prize for the winner.

With the event growing each year, it saw a 127% increase in participation from both Monash, RMIT and Swinburne, but a low 21% female participation... something that ACS is active in changing across ICT in Australia.

ACS Victoria would like to wish all winners and participants listed below a bright future in the most important industry in our continually developing economy and we are sure we will see more of these extremely talented individuals in the years to come.

First PlaceDestroy My Idea      RMIT
Second PlaceFite MeRMIT/Swinburne
Third PlaceFlyteMonash
Best DesignFite MeRMIT/Swinburne
Most Creative IdeaCodebreakerMonash
Best First Year HackShipIt/ThisAppMonash
People's Choice Award (Freelancer)DelivarMonash/UniMelb
Least Hacky Hack (CBA)ChefUpMonash
Making Things Happen Award (IMC)CodebreakerMonash
Best Mobile Hack (Outware)FridgebookSwinburne/UNSW
Best Use of Braintree API (Braintree)DelivarMonash/UniMelb