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ACS WA Relaunches Enterprise Architecture Special Interest Group

Wednesday, 16 Sep 2015

The discipline of Enterprise Architecture has evolved considerably since its inception in the 1980’s. From its beginnings as a way of maximising the value of IT investment, it has now become a crucial part of enabling the varied and dynamic business strategies needed to compete in a rapidly changing world.

The Enterprise Architecture Special Interest Group brings together speakers from a wide range of industries and areas of expertise to present on topics of interest to practicing and aspiring Enterprise Architects.

Our Next Meeting:

Enterprise Architecture SIG: Bridging Enterprise Architect and Systems Thinking

A core aim in Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Systems-Thinking (ST): things work better when they work together on purpose. For this to happen, we need guided conversations that are actually everyone’s responsibility. What visual tools can we use to engage people in this?    

This webinar introduces these concepts, and provides the tools and techniques need to bridge this gap. We will highlight some of the common approaches, frameworks and tools used in both of these highly related and important disciplines.  

We will discuss how they can be used together and enhanced to deliver a common sense approach for everyday EA and ST practice. Included in this discussion is an introduction to the Enterprise Canvas, which is a powerful tool to enable visualisations of the enterprise by defining the services it offers and their relationships and interactions.

This EA Webinar will be held on Monday 21st September at 1930 to 2030. To register please click here.

Our Presenter – Tom Graves

Light-heartedly described as a business-anarchist, Tom is a prolific author, delightful idealist and well-known thought leader in enterprise architecture. He provides clarity and a pragmatic approach to working within an environment of rapid change.

With a special interest in the human side of enterprise architecture, and more than three decades of worldwide experience in business transformation, he is also an entrepreneur and manager conversant with the practical issues in implementing new approaches and new business models into existing industries.

Tom will be in Perth on October 26 & 27 to present workshops as part of his Australian Masterclass Series 2015. Tom is also a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at this year’s Australasian Enterprise Architecture Conference.

More information about Tom and his workshops can be found on the Tetradian website.