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Don't forget to vote - ACS Qld Branch Executive Committee (BEC)

Tuesday, 15 Sep 2015

You would have received an email from ACS Qld regarding voting for the 2016/2017 ACS Qld BEC!

Please take a couple of minutes out of your day to have your vote. Your input will play a huge part in ensuring that the BEC delivers a high level of service and opportunities for you as an ACS member.

Voting closes  5pm on Friday 23 October 2015.

Members will be electing two (2) Vice Chairmen and ten (10) Committee members.

Elected unopposed are Dr Nick Tate as Chairman, Dr Paul Campbell as Secretary and Mr Bevin Irvine as Treasurer.

The system will show photos of all the candidates and you will also be able to view their brief election statements to assist in making your decisions.

If you have any problems voting please contact Barry Snashall on 07 3316 5701 or .

Nev Schefe
Returning Officer
ACS Queensland