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Branch Forum - Unique Perspective on the Australian ICT Ecosystem – Monday 28 September

Thursday, 10 Sep 2015

In this presentation Linda Graham-McCann will address a unique perspective on the Australian ICT ecosystem and how we can make all levels flourish by working together.

As CEO of WorkVentures, a social enterprise that offers people from all walks of life a chance to amplify their potential through technology and training to become confident, skilled and productive members of our digital society her presentation will highlight:

  • Creating pathways and opportunities for employment for at-risk groups through accredited traineeships and hands-on vocational skills training with support from our partners in the ICT industry.
  • Assisting disadvantaged groups (unemployed, low income, indigenous, seniors) to access affordable technology and feel confident using it to improve their lives through their refurbishment and resale program, Airds Connect Centre, pre-employment and IT skills courses.
  • Encouraging individuals from at-risk groups back into learning through lifestyle and educational programs facilitated in conjunction with their partners through the Airds Connect Centre.
  • Operating a technology repair/reuse business to help fund these activities in conjunction with government, their partners and sponsors.
  • Fostering a culture where their staff and alumni truly care about helping others and are empowered to make positive changes occur.

Click HERE for more information and to register.