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ACS Women NSW Presents - SFIA Orientation and Workshop – Tuesday 6 October

Wednesday, 09 Sep 2015


ACSW understand that ongoing professional development is essential for today’s ICT executives. In a digital disrupted workplace upgrading work-ready capabilities for career progression is enabled by applying learning from this workshop. Open to all ACS members.

In this workshop we will learn:

  • Basic introduction to SFIA
  • How to navigate through SFIA
  • How ACS utilises SFIA through its products and services
  • Current skills and emerging skills – ACS White Paper Common ICT Profiles
  • mySFIA - how to undertake a self-assessment, identify career pathways, develop a career profile
  • ACS Professional Development opportunities, how to identify the right event using SFIA
  • Certification

Louise Smith, ACS Director Workforce Development & Planning is a business capability specialist with experience consulting to individual business and governments on their staff skills requirements.

Louise addresses the development of workplace assessment models, competency based frameworks and nationally recognised qualifications including the roadmap utilising SFIA and implementation of mySFIA within ICT organisations, whilst recognising and supporting the identification of any skills gaps and strategy development to address future skills requirements.

Click here to find out more and to register.