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EdXN - Privacy is your Problem: How to become empowered, not enslaved – Thursday 15 October

Thursday, 27 Aug 2015

Privacy is your responsibility and something you can control. We know that the rapid growth in mobile apps and online access is matched with increased criminal activity that targets personal information. Yet, privacy breaches don’t only result from poor cyber security; inappropriate access by authorised users can be just as damaging. Organisations that collect unnecessary personal data, store and disclose it inappropriately or keep it for too long, are not only increasing privacy risks, but are often breaking the law.

This presentation will use actual case studies to show why privacy needs to embrace security, confidentiality, trust and safety, to minimize the risk of harm. A common-sense approach for identifying privacy risks and adopting the best mitigation strategies is detailed through a straight-forward, step-by-step method.

Aimed at both the users and the ICT practitioner who are developing apps or managing personal information, this presentation will empower you with the tools to make the right decisions and ensure legal compliance. To date, there are precedents which rule that you cannot simply pass on your information privacy responsibilities. Both organisations and individuals can be heavily fined – PRIVACY IS YOUR PROBLEM – learn effective solutions!

Dr Peter R Croll PhD FACS CP

Dr Croll is a research leader in Health Informatics and Software System Safety with over 35 years’ experience in ICT serving both industry and academia. As a senior consultant, he established his own company in 2007,  to provide ‘Expertise for Trustworthy ICT solutions’.

At Southern Cross University (SCU) he held the foundation chair as Professor of Information Technology and Information Systems in the school of Commerce and Management. For seven months he was Acting Pro Vice Chancellor (Business and Law) and earned the VC’s award for excellence in Community Engagement. He maintained an Adjunct Professorship with the University of Queensland’s Faculty of Health Sciences as the IT specialist for their Health Communities Research centre.

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