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Telstra TV – a new competitor to the live streaming market

Wednesday, 19 Aug 2015

Since U.S giant Netflix landed on our shores a few months ago, Australia has been hit with the live streaming revolution. No longer do we have to sit through pesky ads and have to wait for our favourite shows to come around on a weekly basis, we can have it all at our fingertips.

Telstra has decided to  join the game with the creation of Telstra TV. It will be launched in early September with the promise to have all the big streaming services - Netflix, Foxtel, Bigpond Movies, Quickflix, Stan and Presto - all connected to one device. It will be delivered through a Roku 2 digital media player which has already adopted in the Northern Hemisphere.

There is suggestion that the new Telstra TV is a slight upgrade from the T-box, which was released a few years ago. Having the live streaming will use up consumers downloads, with there being no unmetered deals such as the Netflix and iiNet. Telstra’s offering broadband plans starting at $75 per month for a 100gb of data per month, which would allow 3 hours of live streaming per day.

The Telstra TV is set to be priced cheaper than having a subscription to each live streaming site, which indicated that this could be the future of our TV viewing habits. With live streaming already proving to be popular, will more companies join the same route as Telstra?

You can read more about Telstra TV by clicking here.