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Cloud Computing - Microsoft Azure - The Cloud Platform Built for Business - Thursday 27 August

Wednesday, 19 Aug 2015

One of the most amazing things about Microsoft Azure is that it changes so fast. However online documentation, university courses and exams simply can’t keep up. This session is an independent view of Microsoft’s Azure platform. 

The cloud opportunity is not just about the technology, but also how we can change the way we think about solving business problems.   
  • Azure offers dozens of services across all delivery models: IaaS/PaaS/SaaA
  • Azure has more locations in more countries than both AWS and Google Cloud combined
  • 1.4 billion miles of fibre in Azure datacentres
  • Microsoft’s Commercial Cloud revenues are USD8bn+ (Annualised Recurring Revenue)
  • The largest virtual machine sizes available in public cloud today

Combining existing assets with emerging cloud technologies such as Azure helps businesses discover new possibilities. Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end public cloud service with services logically laid out, just like the building blocks of Lego.

Whether you are a supplier or a buyer of cloud services join us to hear about:

  • The enormous power of Azure scaling
  • The breadth of services available through Azure
  • Where is Azure being used today
  • How to start using Azure today

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