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ACS Canberra 50th Anniversary - reflect on the past and look forward to the future - part 1

Friday, 07 Aug 2015

Our City is barely 100 years old, and for 50 of those years the Australian Computer Society (ACS) has been part of the Canberra landscape.


In 1965 the Canberra Computer Society became the headquarters for the ACS. That same year the first commercial minicomputer was released to the market for a price just under $10,000 by the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Three years later the keyboard and mouse were demonstrated for the first time by Douglas Engelbart at the Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco. Today the Canberra Branch supports a thriving ICT community of professionals and provides ICT leadership to Federal Government and the local ICT community.  

To celebrate these 50 years of exciting technological change, ACS is holding a premier Conference at the National Convention Centre – join us as we network, hear from fantastic speakers, and celebrate all things ICT in what has been an fantastic 50 years of evolution.

Conference streams will include skills and resilience, innovation, infrastructure and security, data, and education, to ensure delegates are equipped for the future of the ICT industry. Take part in this exciting once in a lifetime event, register online now at

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