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Upcoming September Branch Forum - When Stores Come Alive: The Impact of Augmented Reality on Service Experiences

Tuesday, 11 Aug 2015

Augmented Reality (AR) represents an emerging category of information technology that blends the physical with a virtual reality. This process intends to enhance a user's perception of his or her physical environment, objects, or experiences.

Until recently, AR technologies have been limited to the lab but now, with the advent of smart--‐phones and tablets, a new generation of mobile AR applications are opening up opportunities for firms to engage with customers through novel service experiences. Despite its inherent potential, we know very little if, how, or why AR may contribute to the economic performance of organizations.

This talk demonstrates how AR applications are used to enhance customer experiences in real world settings. I will present findings from a case study of a fashion retailer in San Francisco, CA that uses AR applications on its premises. The findings suggest that AR may enhance the value proposition of merchandise sold, facilitate new types of interactions between customers and frontline employees, and ultimately increases revenues.

Wednesday 2nd September, 2015
5:45pm registration for a 6:00pm start
Telstra Conference Centre, Melbourne CBD
Dr. Christoph Breidbach - Lecturer, University of Melbourne

For more information and to register, click here.