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ACS 2015 Digital Disruption Awards

Friday, 07 Aug 2015

Digital Disruption

The ACS is pleased to announce the inaugural ACS Digital Disruptor Awards, celebrating the achievements of Australia’s leading people in technology.

As Australia’s cost of living rises, our standards of living and real wages continue to slip. In an increasingly competitive global economy, we must find new ways to generate revenue, strengthen productivity and grow the nation’s wealth. Digital Disruption, and the disruptors who drive it, will be key to this.

Digital disruption is forecast to displace nearly half of all Australian jobs in the next 20 years . Recognising the significant disruption now occurring in the Australian economy driven by digital technologies, rapid growth in computing power and global online connectivity, the ACS presents these new national accolades to showcase Australia’s ability to navigate digital disruption and meet future challenges. The ACS is passionate about the ICT profession being recognised as a driver of productivity, innovation and business, and being able to deliver real, tangible outcomes.

There are 13 team based and individual award categories, with the major award being ICT Professional of the Year.

ACS Digital Disruptor Awards:

CXO Disruptors (team awards):

  • Skills Transformation of Work Teams (Small team under 20)
  • Skills Transformation of Work Teams (Medium team under 200)
  • Skills Transformation of Work Teams (Large team 200+)
  • Service transformation for the digital consumer (Corporate)
  • Service transformation for the digital consumer (Government)
  • Service transformation for the digital consumer (NGO)

Disruptors within the Profession (individual awards):

  • ICT University Student of the Year
  • ICT Consultant of the Year
  • ICT Educator of the Year
  • ICT Researcher of the Year

Professional Awards (individual awards):

  • ICT Professional of the Year
  • Young IT Professional of the Year (Female <30 years)
  • Young IT Professional of the Year (Male <30 years)

The call for nominations is open until 4 September 2015. Award winners will be announced at an evening celebration immediately following the ACS’ Reimagination Thought Leaders Summit at The Star in Sydney on 17 November 2015.

The Summit and Awards events will focus on digital disruption, competitive advantage and the jobs and skills needed for the future. The events will bring together international and Australian experts and disruptors from across the business, government, education and research sectors to reshape the vision for how Australia will prosper in the digital future.

The events are supported by platinum partners Telstra and the University of Technology Sydney, gold partners Australian Technical and Management College (ATMC) and Cognizant, and event partners TAFE NSW - Northern Sydney Institute and Insurance House.

Click here for more information and to nominate.