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Business Systems Architecture and Design - Understanding Identity as a Service for Enterprise Cloud Based Security - Thursday 20 August

Wednesday, 05 Aug 2015

Organisations are rapidly adopting cloud services and leveraging the significant benefits over on-premise solutions. However, as the move to cloud services progresses, traditional IT is being challenged by the need to maintain usability and to ensure that effective security policies and controls are maintained for identity lifecycle management, password management, access management and audit.  

The reality is that most internal IT departments are unlikely to be equipped to manage these changes and left unmanaged, your users will be forced to remember multiple accounts and passwords and your IT will have little to no knowledge or control over who has access to what application. Users who leave your organisation are often left with continued access to cloud based enterprise applications with potentially disastrous consequences.  

Fortunately this problem is being addressed with leading edge solutions from some innovative companies. 

At this presentation Okta will describe and demonstrate how IDaaS (identity as a service) is architected and how it integrates with both your on premise and cloud based applications to automate user provisioning and de-provisioning, simplify Single Sign On to cloud applications and provide multi-factor authentication to secure and protect your organisations assets.

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