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Inspiring Incredible Customer Service: Observations from a Gurney - View Online

Thursday, 30 Jul 2015

Most organisations want to deliver effective customer service. Far fewer organisations truly deliver on that promise.

Delivering exceptional customer service is not an easy undertaking. It’s not something that can be required, demanded or even expected. It’s something that needs to be inspired and nurtured. More important—and more challenging—is getting everyone to embrace and commit to this same expectation. Aligning the processes, the systems, the structures and the roles in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience is an inordinately difficult endeavour. This is particularly true when the organisation in question needs to respond to the unexpected, and where crises and emergencies are part of the normal daily experience.

In this presentation, Mark Mullaly shares the results of a unique opportunity to observe just such an organisation, up close and personally. How close and how personal? He was a patient in one of their hospital beds. While what brought him to the hospital was urgent and potentially scary, the experience that he had was nothing short of exceptional. (And, for the record, he’s feeling much better now).

Mark examines the steps that have to be considered in defining, negotiating, building and breathing life into a model that truly places the patient at the centre of everything. And he extrapolates from this the insights that we can all gain, and the lessons that we can all take back to our own organisations.

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