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NRMA Jumpstart Program

Tuesday, 28 Jul 2015

Jumpstart your startup with investment funding and Australia’s largest member organisation.

The National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA) has partnered with startup accelerator Slingshot for the 2015 NRMA Jumpstart Program (Jumpstart).

Jumpstart is an accelerator program designed to assist entrepreneurs in two ways:

Startup Program

Get your startup business idea off the ground with $30,000 and a structured three month accelerator program. In three months you will develop a business model, prove you are developing a product or service customers want, build a minimum viable product and communicate progress to advisors and investors.

To qualify your startup should be:

  • Web based and digitally focused
  • A unique product that aligns to one of the NRMA Jumpstart themes
  • Scalable globally with large markets, users and revenue as a goal
  • A team of capable and highly motivated founders. 
Scaleup Program

Rapidly scale your existing business utilising the potential to work with the NRMA’s large and engaged customer base. The aim of the Scaleup program is to achieve a commercial agreement with the NRMA to take your product to the massive NRMA Member base. Successful scaleup applicants will demonstrate product/market fit, traction and the ability to scale.

A successful Scaleup applicant will:

  • Have a functional product that aligns to one of the NRMA Jumpstart themes 
  • Have an existing customer base and existing revenue
  • Have a stable team
  • Be able to deliver your solution within three months of starting
  • Be looking to scale quickly

The NRMA Jumpstart themes include:

  • Mobility & Connected World
  • Families & Communities
  • Digitise our World
  • Safety on the Road

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