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BRANCH FORUM - NICTA - Taking ICT Out Of the Office and Into the Logistics Supply Chain – Monday 27 July

Tuesday, 14 Jul 2015

While many large logistics companies are familiar with enterprise ICT systems to support internal business processes, they are increasingly being faced with the challenges (and opportunities) of ICT operating outside their walled gardens of tight control.

Increasingly data is being generated and consumed in-the-field, by technologies such as mobile phones that are not dedicated enterprise devices under the exclusive control of one company.

Furthermore, logistics companies are under increasing pressure to share data with unknown third parties via external portals. Typical supply chains involve multiple parties some whom have no formal relationship with, or even knowledge of, others in the same chain. Yet in order to improve efficiency and productivity these parties need to collaborate. The common practices of building dedicated business to business connections or providing a window to the enterprise via the company website are not adequate to meet the this need.

In this talk Neil Temperley, leader of NICTA’s Future Logistics Living Lab, will explore these challenges and the emerging solutions.

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