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Few Aussie IT workers have a straight IT degree

Tuesday, 23 Jun 2015

Information Age

ICT being integrated into wider studies.

As much as 65 percent of Australian ICT workers don't have straight IT degrees, and the trend is expected to continue as technology becomes pervasive in jobs and across industry sectors.

The statistic is contained in Australia's Digital Pulse, a new report by the ACS and Deloitte Access Economics.

"While the IT field of education is the largest feeder into ICT occupations, it only accounted for around 35 percent of ICT workers’ field of education overall," the report said.

"Engineering was [also] a large source of ICT workers, while management and commerce was also a significant contributor.

"As a result, employers of ICT workers are by no means reliant on sourcing graduates solely from IT degrees."

Rob Livingstone, a fellow at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and consultant, said the same could be said of other disciplines, such as engineering.

"The majority [of graduates] 10 or 20 years later are not in engineering - they're doing other things," he said.

However, he believed such progression was healthy.

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