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Managing People for Improved Outcomes - Monday 6 July

Thursday, 18 Jun 2015

Develop the leadership and professional capabilities of team leaders, managers and supervisors. Gain the best out of your team, lift productivity and motivational levels and achieve higher staff retention rates.

In this course the following modules will be covered:

How Excellent Leaders Lead
Learn how to inspire your people to perform at high levels of productivity all the time. Your ability to get the very most out of the people who report to you is a key measure of your effectiveness as an executive. In this Module, you will learn how to manage your personal style in such a way that you get the very best out of each person who reports to you.
Key Functions of Managers
In this module, you learn the key result areas of every manager and how you can begin increasing your effectiveness in every area of your management activities. To be a better manager doesn’t mean you have to alter your whole approach and style, instead you’ll learn how to make small adjustments that will yield big results.

Building Peak Performance Teams
All work is done by teams. Learn how to identify personality types and build teams where everyone compliments each other. In this module, you will learn how to get the very most out of your team and out of each person on that team. 

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