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ACS Canberra Branch Executive Committee Voting

Thursday, 04 Jun 2015

ACS Canberra Branch Executive Committee election for 2015/16

Note:Nominations received and the supporting statement of Candidates (Names below are not in any particular order) 

Mr Michael Hawkins, MACS (snr) CP

I have brought my experience and knowledge built from over 30 years working in ICT to support the growth and change of the ACS for the future.

I has been involved at the Branch level in Canberra for the last 10 years and have lead the branch through change to support its growth to becoming the 3rd largest branch of the society. I have also been the Director of the Membership Board for 4 years and helped drive the modernisation of the society through projects such as the re-branding and new website.

I continue to be involved at the highest level of the society through Management Committee and wish to stay engaged at the Branch level as an Ordinary Committee Member to ensure it continues to meet and support the needs of its members.

Ms Anant Vima, MACS CT

This gives me a sense of satisfaction and happiness that I am actively involved in the activities and programs of ACS since 2011. I joined ACS Canberra Branch Executive Committee in 2011 and served on various positions like Young IT Representative, ACT Women Representative and Secretary. My core intension in all these positions was to support my members in realising their professional ambitions and help them in achieving it. It is important to mention that my involvement in ACS activities and programs have not only given me the opportunity to work for the IT community but also contributed in my professional and personal development.

In 2009, the Australian National University (ANU) awarded me the degree of Master of Business Information Systems and now I am preparing to start my PhD from the same institution. Since 2008, I have worked in different positions in ANU such as Project Manager, Business Analyst, ICT Trainer and Technology Advisor. Recently, I have started working as an Analyst in Deloitte and aspiring to utilise my experience to develop suitable ACS programs and activities for the IT professionals in professional services.

Mr Peter O'Halloran, MACS (snr) CP

Since being appointed as the National Blood Authority’s inaugural Chief Information Officer in 2009, I have focused on the development and delivery of ICT solutions used by over 7000 users on a daily basis in the Australian blood sector.   This role was my first ‘purely’ ICT role in over 20 years and I believe that my strong background in business process reform and service delivery across the Australian Public Service, tertiary education sector and not for profit sector enables me to best use ICT to solve real world problems.

I am a passionate believer in continuous improvement of individuals (such as through continuing professional development), organisations and service delivery. I would bring this strong commitment to the Canberra Branch Executive Committee.

There is an extraordinary number of ICT professionals in and around Canberra supporting the ACT and Australian Governments, and I would like to work with the Branch Executive Committee and the rest of the ACS Canberra members to attract more of these ICT professionals to join and actively participate in the ACS.  This would benefit existing ACS members, the ACS, these new members, governments and citizens who consume these essential government services.

Mr Anil Chhabra, AACS

I believe that being as a committee member is one step forward to involve in the efforts to thrive the ACS to achieve its objective. I am enthusiastic, professional and ready to volunteer. I have attended the ACS seminars and other events (where possible) to keep myself updated with the new and emerging technologies.

I have worked as Programmer, Network Administrator, Developer, Trainer, Consultant and ICT Teacher. After my certificate in Computers, I started building computers in x86 era. With degree in Accounting and MBA, I became trainer consultant for public sector and provided training to corporate and government sector. I completed my ICT degree from UTS and worked as Network Administrator in the accounting firm. I further enhanced my skills by studying Computer Forensics and in the Analytical degree. I joined TAFE NSW as an ICT Teacher.

Currently I am working with Australian Public Service and focus on new and Advanced Analytical methods to integrate number of different systems into single view system.

Mr Peter Slater, MACS CP

I will support and assist in progressing the ACS's goals, advancing the interests of its members, while promoting the advantages of ACS professionalism for business and the government sectors. I have been a member of the ACS for more than 16 years.

My ICT industry experience includes working in multiple technical support roles in the federal public sector, as well as having worked in operational support roles in the private sector. I have a degree in Computer Studies and thrive in areas where 'problem solving' is required.

Specialisations include mainframe systems programming, database, and multiple aspects of testing including load, stress and performance testing with automation. Other interests include agile methodologies, company law, trusts and taxation, medicine, electronics and end-to-end personal computer security.

Mr Thomas McCoy, BSc, BJourn, DipEd, MInfTech

I’m a long-time ACS supporter and have served on several Branch Executive Committees, both as an ordinary member and as Branch Chairperson. During my time in the chair, together with a fabulous team, we were able to reinvigorate our monthly events by moving them from Civic to the more central Woden Southern Cross Club and attracting inspirational speakers.

We also pulled the annual conference out of ANU, where it had become tired and stale and was attended by just a handful of delegates, into the glamorous Canberra Convention Centre. This resulted in the most successful ACS conference up to that time (a sell-out event, with more than 300 delegates, and great media coverage on the nightly news).

Apart from having worked in IT for a couple of decades (Customs, Medicare, DFAT, Defence, and DSS), my background is also in journalism, social media, public relations, and events management and these are skills I’d like to bring to the BEC.

My current role involves teaching professional communication to IT students at the University of Canberra, and in my previous life (as a professional student), I completed degrees in science, journalism, and IT, as well as a diploma in secondary education (teaching mathematics).

Dr Richard Lucas, PhD,

I have over 35 years experience working and teaching in the ICT industry.

As an ICT professional he has been: a project team leader, senior systems analyst, systems engineer, programmer, and instructor.  This has been in the fields of Agriculture, Defence, Engineering, Health, Health Insurance, Electoral Systems, and Taxation. He has worked in the public and private sectors as both an employee and independent consultant.

For more than 20 years he has taught ethics and social responsibility to ICT students at the professional, vocational, and university levels in Europe and Australia.
He has conducted research into the ethics of ICT, had this research published in international journals, and presented at international conferences.

He currently is at the University of Canberra in the discipline of Information Systems and is an associate of UC-RISE (Research in Sport and Exercise).   He is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, in the Emerging Technology program at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE) of Charles Sturt University.

Mrs Mira Daoud, AACS

My name is Mira Daoud and I have been working in the ICT industry predominantly based in Canberra over a 15 year period.

Over the years of my career I have provided dedication, value and keen passion to make a difference. I have delivered value through successfully managing customer facing roles that required professional leadership, clear direction, stakeholder engagement and strategically integrate objectives and outcomes to meet the demands of the fast paced technology sector.

I have a keen interest in professional development and the integration with the SFIA framework. I have the ability to analyse potential areas for improvement and identify opportunities that may lead to innovation.

If you elect me to engage and contribute towards the portfolio you will be providing me with a wonderful, exciting and potentially challenging opportunity to make a difference for our members of the ACS and stakeholder relationships that will be required to enhance the profile of the Australian Computer Society.