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Can planes be hacked to fly sideways?

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Information Age

Security researcher gives new meaning to in-flight entertainment.

Security and aviation experts have cast doubt on claims that a cybersecurity consultant was able to change the course of a commercial aircraft mid-flight by hacking into its entertainment system.

News of One World Labs' Chris Roberts being escorted from a United Airlines flight on April 15 came to lightwhen several publications, including Wired, obtained the text of a search warrant filed by the FBI.

The warrant alleges Roberts exploited inflight entertainment (IFE) system vulnerabilities on smaller Boeing and Airbus aircraft "approximately 15 to 20 times during the time period 2011 through 2014."

Roberts is alleged to have broken into the under-seat electronic box for the entertainment system and using "a Cat6 Ethernet cable with a modified connector to connect his laptop computer to the inflight entertainment system while in flight."

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