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SME SIG: Affordable & Simple Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for ICT SMEs

Thursday, 14 May 2015

For our second ACS Queensland SME SIG event for 2015, John Hughes, Co-Convenor of the ACS Queensland SME SIG and Manager of Developing Computer Solutions will present on “Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for SMEs”.

The session will provide participants with a range of information that they can use and adopt in their own businesses, as well as that of their clients and will :
  • Discuss how “Lessons Learned” from large enterprises are qualified, consolidated and transformed into affordable, practical and equitable Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery foundations
  • Explain how critical Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery issues, maintaining technology resilience and reducing workflow failures are accomplished by SMEs.
  • Show SMEs delivering cost effective and resilient real world ICT solutions for themselves and their clients.
  • Align Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategies to suit the Cloud.
  • Reassign existing equipment & systems to enhance a SMEs Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution.
  • Implement a “Trilogy of Terror” data resilience strategy.

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