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Upcoming EdXN Branch Forum: Cyber Security, Cyber Crime, and Cyber Terror or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Human Fallibility

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Richard Buckland

Australia has an acute and growing shortage of Cyber Security Professionals. This is a worldwide trend. Don’t miss this Education Across the Nation (EdXN) tour as cyber expert Richard Buckland presents the history and current state of Cyber Security and examines the most important emerging trends and threats confronting organisations, individuals and societies. He’ll discuss possible responses and ways forward.

The session will draw on a number of case studies from:

  • Military
  • Nuclear 
  • Disasters (manmade, natural)
  • Vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Terror events
  • Espionage
  • Crime
  • Business
  • Magic
  • Human frailty and triumphs

Learn about the nation’s ongoing shortage of Cybersecurity ICT professionals and:

  • How existing ICT professionals can upskill to move into the cyber security discipline
  • How organisations can support this professional development for their existing skilled ICT human resources
  • How education providers including universities, high schools, and primary schools can help produce a sufficient stream of new cybersecurity professionals relevant to the needs of the nation
  • How UNSW is collaborating with industry to produce free and open educational resources and MOOCs to encourage individuals to teach themselves and to assist universities and other education providers to set up their own effective cyber security training programmes

As part of a compelling demonstration on the dangers of social engineering, attendees are asked to bring along a single folded sheet of paper containing all of their most important usernames and passwords. 

Date:Wednesday 3 June 2015
5:45 registration for a 6:00pm start
Telstra Conference Centre, CBD
Richard Buckland, Associate Professor at UNSW

For more information and to register, please
click here.