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Get hacked: Why corporate hackathons are catching on

Tuesday, 05 May 2015

Information Age

By Ry Crozier on May 3 2015 6:46AM

News Corp, Deloitte and MasterCard share their experiences.

It's been a week since News Corp's latest internal hackathon, but the company has plenty to show for it.

The latest hackathon, which News Corp brands internally as a 'foundry', focused on data reuse.

It delivered at least two workable applications that will now be pushed into production. One is a dashboard that gives journalists a real-time view of the demographics of the audience that reads their stories; the other manages customer consent.

They join five other production-ready apps that started life in one of News Corp's foundries.

News Corp head of innovation Mark Drasutis said that corporate hackathons challenged the "seven most expensive words in business - 'we have always done it that way'."

Hackathons, he told Information Age, were a kind of "tent pole for ideation across the business".

"Coming up with ideas is not the problem - but allocating the time to execute them is," he said.

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