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ACS NSW Mentoring Program

Tuesday, 21 Apr 2015

NSW Branch Mentoring Program has received great reports of successful career transition and other milestones arising from active Mentee and Mentor participation.

Applications are open for the ongoing program from prospective Mentees and Mentors.

To find out more and download application forms go to 

We are pleased to announce that we are adopting the latest in online collaboration technology using the Chronus Mentor platform to facilitate ease of participation.

The platform provides participants with single website communication, meeting schedules, guidance on what to do next, notices of upcoming events and pending deadlines, training and support materials.  Participants need only check their home page to find out exactly what they need to be dealing with at any given time.

Benefits include:

  • A place to keep track of your mentoring vision, purpose, goals and milestones.
  • A journal facility to track tasks and actions from your meetings with your Mentor.
  • Easy access to leadership tools such as the mentoring guidebook.
  • Feedback surveys that will assist to guide and innovate in the delivery of the program
  • The ability to link with other mentees in your network.

As mentoring is fundamentally a human activity the core of the program will remain the regular Mentee/Mentor meetings and personal interactions.