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ACS Statistical Compendium Relaunch

Wednesday, 01 Apr 2015

The ACS Statistical Compendium was first produced in 2009 and has become perhaps the most highly regarded statistical collection on activity in the Australian ICT eco-system.

This year, it was decided to convert the Compendium into a genuine thought leadership document which uses the statistical collections as the evidence base for outlining an overarching narrative.  So the new product will retain and update the statistics but these will essentially be appendices to the story they tell about the current health of Australia’s ICT eco-system, and in particular, the challenges we, as a nation, face if we aspire to be a world leading digital economy.

Via a detailed tender process, the contract was recently awarded to Deloitte Access Economic (DAE) to produce this new product.  DAE is a well-regarded research and analysis organisation with a track record of producing high quality reports on digital economy issues.

ACS is very excited about partnering with DAE and the opportunity to work with their quality team of economic and digital economy analysts on the Compendium project.

There will be an official launch at the National Press Club in Canberra in June with senior representatives from ACS, DAE, Federal Government Ministers, media, and relevant industry bodies.