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2015 NSW Election – Priorities for a Stronger Digital Economy

Monday, 16 Mar 2015

The ACS urges all political parties to place a stronger emphasis on digital economy issues in the remaining two weeks of the NSW State election campaign. 

We live in a digital world where information and communications technology (ICT) sits at the heart of most of the products and services we now consume.  Digital technologies are critical drivers of productivity growth, innovation, and higher standards of living.  Successful economies need Governments that place a high priority on developing and sustaining a digital eco-system that ensures an adequate supply of ICT skills, a digitally-literate workforce, and ongoing collaboration between academia, industry, government and the community. 

ACS urges the incoming NSW Government to aspire to making this State the leading digital economy in our nation.  To achieve this, ACS recommends a focus on four key areas.

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