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EdXN BRANCH FORUM: Risk Management for Big Data Projects - Monday 30 March

Wednesday, 11 Mar 2015

Don’t miss this exciting presentation that received very positive feedback in other states!

Big data is exciting.  It's "data that's too big, too fast or too hard for existing tools to process".  Opportunities have been perceived across the length and breadth of business and government.  Leading commentators have heralded a revolution: "Let the data speak!", they say.

Opportunities do exist.  However, experience has taught us to recognise that where there are opportunities, there are threats as well.  If the data is 'big, fast and hard', and if 'big data analytics' are brilliant but untested, then organisations – and their executives and Directors – need to weigh up the pros and cons before they commit too heavily to applying the new techniques.

Attend this presentation to discover the background to big data and big data analytics, and how to apply the IS profession's accumulated understanding of data quality and decision quality in the new context.  You will also hear about the risks inherent in the new movement, and learn about risk management processes that enable organisations to distinguish opportunities from threats. Let the data speak, but listen carefully.

Click HERE to register.