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ACS Member Darren Younger, Co-Founder of TechBeach Develops Country's First Superhero Baby Suit

Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015

ACS Member Darren Younger, Co-Founder of Manly-based company TechBeach has developed the country's first wearable baby monitor.

The country’s first wearable baby monitor is about to go on sale — a sensor-filled onesie that tracks everything from temperature to heart rate and how many times a child moves in their sleep.

Developed by Manly-based company TechBeach, the babysuit even synchs your child’s data straight to your smart phone.

The technology has been used overseas as a T-shirt for elite athletes but this is the first time it has been adapted for babies.

TechBeach co-founders Darren Younger and Giuseppe Porcelli said the development would help reassure parents concerned about their child’s health.

Data on heart rate, respiration, temperature and movements is all collected and sent to the ­mobile app, which provides trends and insights, records and an alert system.

“We are also looking at including audio so you can hear it as well,” Mr Younger said.

“It’s more an ease of use thing rather than a life-saving apparatus; it’s more a comfort factor knowing your child is OK.”

Parenting expert and father of six Justin Coulson said the suit was a great concept for parents with a genuine need to be concerned for their child’s wellbeing but for ­others, it could be helicopter parenting taken to the next level. “We all want our babies to be healthy and happy, but these kinds of devices are likely to do little for our personal wellbeing, with all the stress and panic they cause us,” he said.

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