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OPEN SOURCE - Corralling Logs with ELK - Tuesday 8 April

Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015

ElasticSearch with Mark Walkom

Still grepping logs across tens or hundreds of nodes using multiple, single-use scripts? Tired of having to deal with many "standard" log formats? Want simple, powerful, Open Source powered log analytics with just a few packages? Of course you do!
This talk provides an introduction to using the ELK stack - ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana - for getting the most from your log data, whether it's system logs, mail logs or even that custom log format you hate dealing with.
Presented will be a brief introduction about what makes ElasticSearch so easy and fun to work with, how Logstash works its magic to parse and enhance data, and finally how to visualise the results with Kibana. Along the way there will be shared some tips on getting the most from the ELK stack as well as some handy third party tools that make life easier.

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