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BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS The Business Analyst and IT Architect – An Interactive Learning Experience Thursday 26 March

Tuesday, 24 Feb 2015

In this session Glen Willis will explore the roles of business analysis and IT architecture and how they support each other in meeting business needs. We will explore what they need to understand about each other and what to expect from each other and how they engage with the SME’s. We will divide the audience into three groups – BA, Architect, and Business SME. 

During the presentation each group will be presented with a situation and asked to decide how they would react if they were performing the role assigned to their group. We will then get feedback from the other two groups and finally compare to some real experience examples. ACS Members please note: To receive your CP points you must: 1.Attend the event and arrive before the start of the presentation 2.Have your name ticked off the registration sheet 3.Stay for the duration of the event.

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