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Get the recognition you deserve and become a Certified ACS Member!

Friday, 06 Mar 2015

What is ACS Certification?

ACS Certification is a benefit providing ACS members with the opportunity to give current or future employer’s reassurance that they have the right skills for the job.

Certification provides an employer with comfort that the individual abides by a code of ethics and provides official recognition of the individuals competencies, rather than relying on references alone which mitigates the risk of hiring unprofessional and unexperienced staff.

What levels of ACS Certification are there?

ACS provides two levels of professional certification:
Certified Technologist (CT); aligned to SFIA level 3 skills, and
Certified Professional (CP); aligned to SFIA level 5 skills.

A Certified Technologist will most often be an early career professional, focusing on practical applications with a basic grounding in the fundamentals underlining ICT.  The individual will usually work under direction.

A Certified Professional is someone with an in-depth understanding of the technology, products, offerings and services within their specialist area. Within their role as an IT professional, the individual will ensure that they utilize IT to add value to their organisation. Work is often self-initiated and very little guidance is required.

For more information on the levels of Certification, please see the Guidelines and Pathways brochures below.

How will Certification benefit me as an individual?

The remuneration data of the 2013 ACS Employment Survey found that ACS Certified Professionals earned more than those holding only vendor certifications and those without any certifications. This validates that the market recognises and values CP status.

As the ACS promotes the value of certification, we anticipate that more employers and prospective clients will give preference to ICT professionals who can demonstrate their credentials. This will lead to increased business opportunities and better employment prospects.

How do I retain my Certification status?

CPD is mandatory for all certified ACS members. Certified Professionals (CP) must complete 30 CPD hours per year, while Certified Technologists (CT) must complete and report 20 CPD hours each year.

How do I apply for Certification?

To become a Certified Professional or a Certified Technologist, you will need to undergo a formal Certification Assessment which will analyse your skills and competencies as demonstrated by your education and experience.  For more information on how to apply for certification or to apply, click here.

To find out more about Certification, please refer to the Certification Guidelines provided above or contact the ACS Victorian Branch on 03 9690 8000.