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'The Future of Work' vodcast by Kyri Theos from Elance-oDesk

Tuesday, 17 Feb 2015

Kyri Theos

Get exclusive insights about the future of work from Kyri Theos, Country Manager for Elance-oDesk, now exclusively available in the ACS Vodcast Library.

Kyri explains: “I want to talk about the future of work, specifically how people are connecting to work in radical new ways and disconnecting from a lot of the traditional concepts of work that have existed for a long time.”  Find out how the workplace is shifting from a top-down corporate model to a new concept.

As Country Manager for Elance-oDesk in Australia, Kyri is responsible for establishing Elance-oDesk’s long-term presence in Australia through strong collaboration with the business and ICT community. Elance-oDesk operates two of the world’s leading platforms for online work ( and, with 8 million freelancers in 180 countries earning US$750 million per year. Prior to joining Elance, Kyri was VP of Marketing at Rocket Internet, and has also worked as a management consultant for Deloitte.

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