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Introduction to SFIA - Enabling our Professional Partners to Manage their ICT Workforce Skills - Workshop - Monday 9 February

Wednesday, 21 Jan 2015

The ACS is committed to ensuring our Corporate Partners are best positioned to maximise the opportunities afforded by the digital age.
In an environment of rapid technological change, the critical challenge for business is one of attracting and retaining talent.
Skills Framework for the Information Age.
A tool for aligning a workforce to deliver the needs of an organisation.
A common language to describe the capabilities required to deliver business outcomes.
The basis for defining benchmarks (eg Australian Computer Society professional grades, accreditation and education programs.
Empower your human capital strategic planning.
Enables a focused professional development spend, maximising your return on investment.
Supports your business stay ahead of the curve by informing future workforce development plans.
Our Presenter will provide an overview of:
What SFIA can contribute to workforce planning.
Why SFIA is so important to the ICT profession.
Examples of how is SFIA relevant to career planning.
How our Corporate Partners utilise SFIA.
Determine your ICT team workforce development plans for 2015. Join our workshop on how SFIA can assist Managers to take control of their ICT staff professional development based on capability matching to over 100K ICT professionals.
Innovation is driving business change across the global economy. For ICT professionals, the challenge is to maintain contemporary skills and knowledge while also preparing for career roles that may not yet exist.

This event is open to members of our Professional Partner Program.

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