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A personal note of thanks from Ian Dennis

Wednesday, 03 Dec 2014

I won my first election in the ICT world in 1981, when I became the inaugural chairman of the (then) Australian Software Houses Association. Since then I successfully won elections, over the next 30 years, in the Software and Services Industry Federation (SSIFA), Australian Software Federation, AIIA, Pearcey Foundation, and the ACS, including five years over three terms as your Chair.

In 1981, I was the young up and comer, determined to prevail over the relics of the forties and fifties who ran ICT then. By this year, when Craig Horne was elected as your Chair for next year to succeed Michelle Beveridge, I had become the senior establishment, whilst he is now the voice of this generation.

We have just been through a State Election, and it struck me that there were some similarities in the result. Denis Napthine’s gracious concession speech epitomised why most people in politics think of him as a thoroughly decent man, especially when he recognised the need for generational change. Daniel Andrews’ victory speech was equally gracious in acknowledging Denis Napthine’s contribution to our State.

But Denis, like me, has already given his service, whilst Dan, like Craig, is poised to significantly do more in the years to come.

Whatever our political views, we are indeed lucky to live in a State that is blessed, in the main, with politicians of integrity and decency, and our elections in the Victorian branch of the ACS are also characterised by honest and ethical campaigns.

Thank you to all of you who supported me, but Craig will, I am sure, be an excellent choice as your new Chair, building on the legacy of the hard work by Michelle Beveridge and her predecessors as Chair. He has my total support in his new position.

Ian Dennis
Immediate Past Chairman, ACS Victoria