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ACS President's Blog: A message for International Volunteers Day

Tuesday, 02 Dec 2014

Posted on Sunday, 30 Nov 2014 by Brenda Aynsley

Brenda AynsleyThis Friday 5 December is the day set aside to think about and to thank the millions of volunteers around the world. As President I want to focus on our ACS volunteers. I want to thank all of you for the contribution you make to what ACS is able to achieve each year.

Did you know that we have well over 300 active volunteers who do everything from ushering at events, to governing your Branch, to running the Special Interest Group you love to attend and to serving on the Management Committee of the Society. Without them our Society would not be able to provide the rich program of events that many of us can participate in.

Volunteers are needed in the Society, without them much that we do at branch level particularly would not be possible. They run the Special Interest Groups (SIG) that offer interesting interactions with others in that community of practice, collectively the SIG arranges for a prominent speaker or one of the group's members to speak on a topical issue each time. If you have an idea for a SIG why not discuss it with one of your Branch Executive members, their contact information is on the web or you can ring the branch and speak to the Branch Manager which is a great way to start your enquiry... Read more