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YOUNG IT - Agile in the Enterprise

Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014

Agile is a buzz word and its application in the enterprise is often resisted. Why is waterfall software development the incumbent and how do we progress to best practices in product delivery.
What you can expect to learn from this session:
  • Understanding of what agile is.
  • Understanding what parts of the agile manifesto can be applied to your work
  • What tools are available to manage a project


Andrew Jennings

Andrew has a Laser Physics degree. He started out using IT in Deutshce Bank writing macros, moved to UHS an R&D company and learned networking and about open source. He has also been involved in four startups, mostly as the lead developer but also in a marketing and sales role. His current role is as a client account manager for reinteractive, a Ruby on Rails consultancy. The clients he sees regularly are Westfield, Fairfax, the ABC, Amaysim and also well-funded startups.

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