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ACS Week in Review: 21 November 2014

Friday, 21 Nov 2014

Innovating in the sleepy super industry – Andrew Todd in the CXO Challenge

There’s little incentive to be on the bleeding edge, so why is Andrew Todd fighting so hard?

Andrew Todd is one of the few Australian CIOs who learned his craft in the world of software development.

The prevailing narrative in management circles is that it’s largely unnecessary for a CIO to offer such a skill.

The CIO role, according to the sort of advice bandied about by consultants, is all about being a good communicator and a good strategist. Harbour too much interest in the workings of the technology and it’s assumed you misunderstood your job requirement.

“I don’t believe that at all,” Todd says.

Culture: The one thing a bank can’t buy – Matt Pancino in the CXO Challenge

Making the most of the digital opportunity requires companies to fundamentally disrupt the way they work.

What are the first steps a business leader needs to take to steer an organisation towards agile practices?

That’s a question we’ve asked dozens of executives as part of the CXO Challenge - and a question Matt Pancino has had plenty of practice at answering.

In June, Pancino was promoted from Suncorp CIO to CEO of Suncorp Business Services, the division that offers technology, HR and other shared services to the organisation’s numerous insurance and financial services brands.

Pancino arrived at Suncorp halfway through a seven-year agile transformation led by his predecessor Jeff Smith.