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Tas Nominations 2015

Friday, 14 Nov 2014

ACS Tasmania Branch Committee Elections

Nominations are open for all positions on the ACS Tasmanian Branch Committee, commencing 1 January 2015.

All financial members of the Branch are eligible for nomination, which must be received by 1 December 2014 using the nomination form.

More information on the positions available and administration arrangements are available on the call for nominations circular.

Office bearers - position open for nomination

  • Branch Chairperson (two-year term)
  • Branch Vice Chairperson / Technical (one-year term)
  • Branch Vice Chairperson / Membership (one-year term)
  • Branch Vice Chairperson / Government (one-year term)
  • Branch Vice Chairperson / Communications (one-year term)
  • Branch Honorary Treasurer (one-year term)
Ordinary committee 

8 positions open (one-year term)


For more information

Contact Ray Leonard

[email protected]