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Turnbull floats sharing of unused spectrum

Wednesday, 12 Nov 2014

But still no solution for emergency services.

Public and private sector bodies could be allowed greater access to spectrum that is reserved but not used under a proposal by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to address a shortage of wireless capacity.

The Government earlier this year announced it would conduct a review into Australia’s outdated approach to spectrum - in conjunction with the Australian Communications and Media Authority - to bring it up to date with current technologies, markets and consumer preferences.

“The spectrum framework was last formally reviewed by the Productivity Commission in 2002. This was two years before Google went public and five years before the first iPhone was released,” Turnbull said at the time.

“Clearly, the world has changed and it is time to take a comprehensive look at whether Australia's spectrum policy and management framework remains fit for the digital age.”

After spending the last six months hearing from industry on how the Government’s approach to spectrum could be improved, the Communications department today outlined 11 reform proposals [pdf] and asked stakeholders for feedback.

Turnbull and his department want to create an open market for wireless spectrum to free up capacity for services such as faster mobile broadband, proposing to cut down the number of rules governing how spectrum is used to allow for a market-led approach.

Read the full story by itnews at:,turnbull-floats-sharing-of-unused-spectrum.aspx#ixzz3Inxn3XOm