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ACS Week in Review: 7 November 2014

Friday, 07 Nov 2014

G20 ICT Forum in multi-trillion dollar open data push

Global tech leaders will discuss the multi-trillion dollar opportunity posed by more open use of government and private sector data when they meet in Brisbane next week at the G20 ICT Industry Forum.

A recent report shows the benefits of governments moving towards open data are conservatively valued at $US13 trillion in the next five years for G20 economies and around $16 billion to the Australian economy alone, representing more than half of the two per cent growth target the G20 set itself in February 2014.

Set to take place at Brisbane City Hall just a few days ahead of the official G20 Summit, the G20 ICT forum will explore an action strategy around Open Data and discuss the future of ICT within Australia and throughout the world. 

The University of Queensland's Dr Nick Tate said in open data would be a priority at the forum due to the huge potential for world economies to create huge cost and resource efficiencies as well as "staggering" social and economic outcomes.

Culture: on thing a bank can’t buy

Making the most of the digital opportunity requires companies to fundamentally disrupt the way they work.

What are the first steps a business leader needs to take to steer an organisation towards agile practices?

That’s a question we’ve asked dozens of executives as part of the CXO Challenge - and a question Matt Pancino has had plenty of practice at answering.

In June, Pancino was promoted from Suncorp CIO to CEO of Suncorp Business Services, the division that offers technology, HR and other shared services to the organisation’s numerous insurance and financial services brands.